Food Distribution

We provide monthly food deliveries of staple food products like rice, beans, corn flour, sugar, and powdered milk.

With limited budgets, no help from the government, and very little consistent help from other organizations, orphanages continually struggle to provide basic food staples and other necessities. Because of the need  for a consistent support network for these orphanages, ORI started our food distribution program. This was our first program and continues to be one of the most important things we do. We distribute over 150 ton of food and 33 ton of milk every year. We currently support 53 of the 130 active orphanages in Guatemala.

One of the ongoing comments from the orphanage directors has been that if they did not receive the monthly food staples from ORI, the orphanage could not exist.



Orphanages receive monthly food deliveries.


Pounds of food & milk distributed each year


Children fed each month through our food program

Orphanage Maintenance

Over the years we noticed a great need for maintenance care of the facilities in many of the orphanages we serve.

The directors, nanny’s and everyone involved in running the orphanages already have heavy burdens of responsibility. The purpose of the maintenance program is to take the burdens off the orphanage. Whether it is a leak, new light bulbs, or fixing something more major, the maintenance team checks with the homes to see how they can serve them.