Orphanage Sponsorship

The Orphanage Sponsorship program was designed as a way for you to directly make a difference in the orphanages and lives of children. By sponsoring an orphanage, you are helping to ease the burden on these orphanages by helping provide the basic necessities of food, clothing, shelter, medical care and education to the children in their home. You will receive email updates on the orphanage you sponsor.

Read through the orphanage profiles below and select an orphanage to sponsor.

Select “Sponsor an Orphanage” below. You will be directed to a payment page. Select the orphanage you wish to sponsor and then enter your information.

Thank you for making an impact! You are now an orphanage sponsor.

Make sure to check the box “Make this a Monthly Donation”. A monthly sponsorship helps orphanages budget and ensure the needs of the children are being met!