“We learned that orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names. They are easier to ignore before you see their faces. It is easier to pretend they’re not real before you hold them in your arms. But once you do, everything changes.” –David Platt. 

Work teams are an important part of what we do in Guatemala; they provide resources to help with new construction of additions, expansions, and other misc. projects within the orphanage facilities. Many of these projects cannot be afforded by the home and would not get completed if we did not assist in providing the resources and labor to perform the work, even simple tasks of painting and maintenance cost more than their budgets can cover.

Throughout the year, we send volunteers on 7-day work trips to help perform the work that needs to be done as well as spend time loving the children. Each project is selected based on the needs of the home, their ability to maintain the ongoing costs, and if they own their property or rent. Each project cost is covered by donors and the fees of each member on the work team.

We are family friendly and encourage male and female participants. Our work trips are one weeklong trips and are a mixture of work and interaction with children including a day off-site in Antigua.

To find out more about joining a work team or to schedule your group contact our office at 717-949-4949 or email us at

2023 DatesStatus
January 9-16 2023Full
January 21-28 2023Full
February 6-13 2023Full
February 20-23 2023Full
March 6-13 2023Full
March 20-27 2023Full
April 10-17 2023Full
April 24-May 1 2023Open
May 8-15 2023Open
May 22-29 2023Open
June 5-12 2023Full
June 19-26 2023Full
July 3-10 2023Full
July 17-24 2023Full
July 31-August 7 2023Open
August 14-21 2023Open

2024 DatesStatus
January 8-15 2024Full
January 22-29 2024Full
February 5-12 2024Full
February 17-24 2024Full
March 4-11 2024Open
March 18-25 2024Open
April 8-15 2024Open
April 22-29 2024Open
May 6-13 2024Open
May 20-27 2024Open
June 3-10 2024Open
June 17-24 2024Open
July 1-8 2024Open
July 15-22 2024Open
July 29-Aug 5 2024Open
August 12-19 2024Open