Food Distribution

With tight budgets, no help from the government, and very little consistent help from other organizations orphanages continually struggle to provide the necessities like the basic food staples of rice, beans, flour, milk, sugar, salt and other food products. Seeing this problem of providing the basic food staples ORI started THE food distribution, this was our first program and continues to be one of the most important things ORI does. We distribute over 210 ton of food and 33 ton of milk every year to 48+ orphanages throughout Guatemala.

One of the ongoing comments from the orphanage directors has been that if they did not receive the monthly food staples the orphanage could not exist. If you have access to large resources of food products and would like to help in this program please contact our office.

Through our food 4 more campaign you can also assist in purchasing food which cost just 4 dollars a month per child to supply the basic food staples of rice, beans, flour, and sugar go to our donations page to donate to this program.

Child Sponsorship

With the costs continue to rise in the care of the children we decided to develop a child sponsorship program that would allow anyone to become more personally involved with the children in Guatemalan orphanages and raise additional support for the orphanage to be able to provide the necessary needs of a child.
To find out more about this program and become directly involved in a child’s life please visit the sponsorship page, ¬†and connect with a child today.

Counseling / Steps of Hope

Being involved directly with the children in the orphanages we have been able to see firsthand the damage that has been done to their emotional health and how there life experiences in a very few short years would control how they act and react to relationships and situations as they grow older and moved into adult life. As adoptive parents we also began to understand the necessity of having a healing ministry formed in Guatemala to work directly with the children by providing training and tools on how to process the pain they have buried deeply into their heart. The key part to this program is bring the child to a full understanding of needing Jesus Christ in their lives and then showing them how to process what happened to them through a specialized program called Steps Of Hope.