Rosa de Amor

Rosa de Amor was born in the heart of a compassionate women named Rosita Zet. For many years Rosita cared for homeless, abused, and malnourished children, inviting them into her home for meals, school lessons, and most of all, love and attention. In order to better help the children, Rosita went to the courts to become a legal organization. The first children Rosita received had special needs, cerebral palsy as well as other problems. The first days were very difficult ones for the home, as they had little outside financial help. But the children prayed along with Mama Rosita for God to supply their needs. Many tears were shed as they cried out to God. Then one day Harvey from Orphan Resources knocked on the door. The Lord had responded! The children’s prayer had been heard. Support began to come to the home: food, clothing, shoes, and finances. The home had found relief. Since that day, the orphanage has grown. Rosa de Amor now serves more children in a larger facility. But Rosita’s desire has not changed. It is still to rescue as many children as possible from all of the sad and bad things that children should never have to suffer.



Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after the orphans in their distress.

– James 1:27