Nuevo Reto

Nuevo Reto was begun after much prayer to the Lord. It is amazing to see how the Lord led us to reach out to abandoned kids. In 1991, we were praying for a building where we could not only preach Jesus, but also have a place where street people could find refuge. The Lord opened doors for us through one of our Board members who had a house and allowed us to use it for free for three years. We were so blessed because the Lord answered our prayers. We started preaching and worshiping the Lord. After four years of serving the Lord through a drug rehabilitation program for men, we began asking the Lord to show us what kind of ministry we should do with street people. One Sunday morning after the church service, one of our young guys came in with a child, about six years old. By his appearance it was easy to see that he was a street child. He could barely talk, he had dirty clothes, and he was very disoriented. After praying for him, we realized that it was the Lord’s answer to our prayers and that God was leading us to work with street children. Months later we found out that this child was one of five or six children from alcoholic parents. Heydy, was a little girl about two years old who was living with her alcoholic grandparents on the streets. She was the second child taken in by the ministry. We began with these two children, learning how to serve them and bless them, and the Lord began sending more. For twelve years my wife and I used our house as the children’s home, and Nuevo Reto was born. It has been a great learning experience working with street kids, learning to trust the Lord for his provision, to walk the extra mile with some of the kids who have faced illnesses. It is amazing to see how the Lord has blessed us from a rental property to a nicely finished building with the capacity to house 40 boys and girls ages 12 and under. We’ve been so blessed to see how small kids have grown into teenagers and even adults. Some have graduated from primary school, high school, and some have even gone to college. From abandoned kids to servants of God. We have recently begun a second phase. When our boys reach the age of 12, they are transferred to another location, both to fulfill government requirements and to avoid the normal conflict between teenage boys and girls. The boys are currently living in a temporary building. We own the property and are looking for opportunities to begin building a facility to house ten boys. Our vision is to provide the boys with the needed tools to prepare them for adulthood. As the Bible says, our labors in the Lord have not been in vain. Here is a testimony of the Lord’s faithfulness. Luis Eduardo came to Nuevo Reto at the age of ten. He turned from a rebellious boy into a polite and very supportive young guy. He graduated from Nuevo Reto last year when he turned 18. He decided to become part of our work team. He continues to work on his formal education and is serving as a Leader Under Training at Hogar de la Roca, an outreach to help young men with drug and alcohol addictions. It is very difficult trying to put 18 years of glory and power into words. There are many stories, many memories, and many miracles done by our precious Father in Heaven who is a “Father for the fatherless”.



Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after the orphans in their distress.

– James 1:27