New Life

Our story begins in 1976 when our founder, Dr. Fred Jarvis, stopped in Guatemala, on his way back to the US from South America. So he stayed one night in Guatemala, the night of February 3, 1976. That night early in the morning there was an earthquake. He went out from his Hotel, to see what happened, and observed the damages that happened on that terrible day. After the earthquake, the airport was closed and he could not leave the country for several days. When he got back to the States he talked to his wife about all that he had seen, and that he could not forget all the kids that lost their parents, lost their homes, and everything else that happened. He talked with his wife and he made plans to come back with her several months later. When he returned he purchased some land and worked on finding some young missionaries so an orphanage could be started to receive children. Our founders of the NLCH here in Guatemala, Dr. Fred Jarvis, and his wife Clara, were also founders of our New Life League Mission in Texas, which was founded in 1953. The Mission here started in 1976 as an orphanage especially for receiving children who had no parents. At this moment we have 50 boys and girls ages between 9 months to 26 years old. Our children are either orphans or were abandoned, we also have many children that are here for different reasons because their parents are divorced and no longer want them. Many of these children have suffered different kinds of abuse; many come with malnutrition and childhood trauma. As well as providing for there physical needs we also share the Gospel so that they may come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior because without him we are nothing. He provides food, medical care, and studies. On our property, we have a Christian School with 340 students from kindergarten to 8th grade. The education for our children is covered through our scholarship program, which also covers education for our employees’ children. The rest of our students come from very poor families. Some are women and youth range in age up to 26 years old. The truth is that we do not have an age limit here for receiving children. We have a program here that prepares them for their future, which includes a vocational aptitude exam, so we can see what their interests and abilities are. The youth are interviewed accordingly, and we help them select a school that offers the career of their choice. After they graduate from school they pay the Home a symbolic monthly payment of Q.250.00, which helps cover some of their college expenses. They are taught how to manage a budget, which includes their college payment. Each student receives help through our scholarship program in order for them to receive additional schooling, our idea is to help them as much as we can so they can graduate from College. We spend a lot of time studying the Bible, teaching them about a life with God, teaching values in God, which is the major guide for their lives. They can be honest, transparent, honorable, and they can serve their Country and their families as good husbands, as good wives, good sons, and daughters, in order to break all the curses of bad habits that they received from past generations and for this reason they are in the Home. Anyway, we believe that they are here because of God’s purpose, it is not an accident, He knew that they would one day be here, and the Lord rescued them from a difficult past to be a blessing for the next generations.



Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after the orphans in their distress.

– James 1:27