Manos de Compasion (Stukenbergs)

Dave and Deborah Reichard are the directors of Hands of Compassion children’s home. They currently have 20 children ranging from two months old to 17 years old. Dave and Deborah took over the home in 2010 after Deborah’s parents “retired” from the mission field after 18 years of service. Her parents took over the home in 2003. The home is ran “family style” with no maids or paid caregivers. Just as in any family the children do their own chores. In that way, they learn responsibility. They do everything a typical family does together. They eat all their meals, and watch movies together. They have devotions together, do ministries together, pray together, and play together. All of the children are home-schooled, and are taught both English and Spanish. Most of the children have been declared “abandoned” by the juvenile courts and most have been abused. The vision of their ministry is that the children will grow to be strong Christian men and women and that they will, in turn, raise Godly families of their own. They also hope & pray that all their children will one day go into all the world and preach the Gospel. When the children reach the age of 18 they help the child start their adult life by finding and mostly funding any higher education the children would like to do. They also help find a job or mission organization that they might want to go to. Hands of Compassion is supported by a few churches, as well as families and friends in the USA. They are currently in desperate need of two full-time families to help and to start a new girls’ home that is in their future vision. Dave & Deborah are so thankful to God that they can serve the Lord in this ministry for the short time they have on this earth.



Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after the orphans in their distress.

– James 1:27