Los Gozosos

Learn more about Los Gozosos.. A home / school for special needs children.

How was your home founded?
After a vision of Jesus Mauren began with one down syndrome girl in the orphanage and eight students in the school in 2003. We have grown slowly mostly because of financial limitations we reached our full capactity. (27) In 2019 now God has provided a second home to open in 2020. We will expand operations in February, 2020. We were given this property in San Lucas for rent free for 3 years. Praise God!

What is the vision and mission of your home?
Where disabled kids find a family.
We work with all our kids to reach their full potential with physical, speech, occupational therapy. Our school is Special Education with personalized attention.

What are the general ages and genders of the children in your home?
Girls and boys. From 16 months to 27 years old. We have a life long commitment to each of our children since most cannot live independently.

More about Los Gozosos…
We work to love and help our special needs children advance to their outer limits. Our philosophy is “never do for a child what they can do or should for for themselves. Plus, we are co-laborers together with chaist: we do our part with love and therapy and knowing that the bible says God will do his part with the miracles.

We have walked by faith in Jesus in every step. He has been faithful to help us through everyday by overcoming every obstacle.



Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after the orphans in their distress.

– James 1:27