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Experience Guatemala

Experience Guatemala

Join the experience by coming down to Guatemala on a 7-day work team with your youth group, church or friends!

Work teams are an important part of what we do in Guatemala; they provide resources to help with new construction of additions, expansions and other misc. projects within the orphanage facilities. Many of these projects cannot be afforded by the home and would not get completed if we did not assist in providing the resources and labor to perform the work, even simple tasks of painting and maintenance cost more than their budgets can cover. Experience Guatemala

Throughout a year’s time, we send over 300 volunteers on 7-day work trips to help perform the work that needs to be done as well as spend some time loving the children. Typical work consists of block laying, pouring concrete, framing, roofing, painting, cleaning, plumbing, electrical, and other misc. projects.

Each project is selected based on the needs of the home, their ability to maintain the ongoing costs, and if they own their property or rent. Each project cost is covered by donors and the fees of each member on the work team.

Work teams consist of generally no more than 25 people; you can arrange a work team of your own with a minimum of 10 people or join a work team on one of the open dates listed below. We are family friendly and encourage male and female participants, the work week is 7 days from the day of travel to date of return and is a mixture of work and interaction with children including a day off-site in Antigua. Lodging and meals are provided for the teams by 4 different team housing partners depending upon the area of the project and are included as part of the team costs. Experience Guatemala

Interested in joining or leading a work team? Contact Brooke Burkholder at or at our office 717-949-4949

Click here to see available work team dates!

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