About Us

Our History

Rod and Sarah Martin founded Orphan Resources International in 2002, while visiting their first adopted child from Guatemala. During this time several orphanages where visited, and the great need for a support network was recognized. From this point ORI was developed on a small scale to take work teams and donations to 2 or 3 private Guatemalan orphanages. Over the last 11 years over 45 orphanages have been added to our list of support as the funding has increased. To date all of the programs in place have been funded by private monetary donations and or grants through foundations. 7 years ago a shipping program was put into place for transporting donated goods by shipping containers to our warehouse in Guatemala and then distributed among the orphanages. We also have volunteer programs in place to assist in the orphanages, including support staff in country. Our goal is to continue to supply resources to the Orphanages of Guatemala so they can continue operating in the mission that God called them to do.

All the board members serving are all voluntarily giving of their time in providing general oversight to ORI.

Board Members:

Rod Martin – President/Director
Sarah Martin – Financial Secretary
Lawrence Martin – Vice President and Assistant Director
Jason Stoltzfus
Omar Smoker
Harvey Burkholder
Lamar Stoltzfus
Mike Brubaker

Pastoral Board:

Leon Shirk
Jay Weaver